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Andrea Urban, Bosch

Andrea Urban, Bosch


Andrea Urban, born Schilp in 1967, Waiblingen, Germany.

High school graduate in 1987.

Studies of “Materials Engineering and Surface Technologies”, diploma in 1992 at Fachhochschule Aalen, Germany.

Joined the Robert Bosch GmbH Corporate Research and Technology Center in Stuttgart, Germany in 1992. Working as a technology specialist mainly related to inertial sensor manufacturing, which strongly influenced the development and installation of MEMS acceleration sensors and gyroscopes for mass-manufacturing in Bosch`s production line.

Co-inventor of the “Bosch Deep Reactive Ion Etching Process”.

Entrusted with the co-ordination of the European Semiconductor Equipment Asessment I-SPEEDER project, which had a significant impact on the equipment tool basis for advanced Deep Reactive Ion Etching.

Joined in 2003 the new founded Engineering Sensor Process Technology division at Robert Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen, Germany. As a Senior Expert working on the development of new process technologies and their transfer into series production for upcoming generations of MEMS sensors.

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